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Do Digital Tools Make Us Less or More Productive At Work?

More technology brings more efficiency, is this right? Yes! In this digital world, technologies have prejudiced almost every phase of our life. And it’s a fact that we can’t imagine one or two days without technology gadgets usage from laptops to tablets, smartphones to PDAs.

Now we live in the 21st century where we want to spend our time without tech gadgets is impossible. There is no doubt that technology has permitted us to achieve more success through our jobs.

You can’t visualize a world without technology. So, personal lives and all-sized businesses are modified to use digital tools. With social media apps, we stay connected to our friends and families and professionally well connected via digital tools.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the world gave us an additional push into the digital world. As a result, many companies hopping into the digital world turned into a survival strategy.

However, many strugglers have a question, do digital tools make us less or more productive at work? But within this technology realm exists a grey digital tools area, and every tool has its potential to decrease or increase productivity.

Some experts say that they increase their productivity using digital tools at work, while some are contrasting. Irrespective of others’ viewpoints, technology is updating and revolutionizing the work or workplace and improving productivity nowadays.

On the other hand, some complain that digital tools increase interruption. If you have this type of thought, you must stay concentrated to know the benefits of today’s digital tools usage because it has become an important part of our lives, and we can’t even consider living deprived of digital tools.

Digital Tools


With the technology evolution, the question is whether digital tools support us to be more productive or only waste time at work. Various digital tools appeared to help us smartly work, become more productive & also save time.

Let us look at statistics to reveal the facts and give

  • According to a new global study from Aruba, workers who are working in digital places of work are not just more inspired but also more productive. They have higher consummation with their tasks or job and report an overall better well-being sense.
  • According to the report of Aruba, almost 74% or three-quarters of the workers that work in fully-settled digital workplaces believed that their job satisfaction is very good. In comparison, 70% of workers have said their work-life balance is awesome.
  • 60% of workers are more likely to say they are encouraged at work, but we say that 91% are more likely to admire their business’s vision when using digital technologies at the workplace.

What are Digital Tools?

Digital tools are online resources for programs and websites that help make business tasks easier to complete. Many tools can get into web browsers without downloading, and you can easily access them not only at work but also at home. It’s essential to use online tools safely, and see the safety section for more information.

Digital tools help to increase productivity and efficiency. For example, many apps help employees to schedule their work tasks. Using tools will increase workers’ productivity and help them manage the workload more efficiently. A worker can fail to meet the task deadlines without a digital tool.

This is particularly helpful for financial businesses since their clients’ data are frequently highly sensitive. With this type of info, digital tools help to protect highly sensitive customers’ data and increase efficiency.

What are Digital Tools

How Digital Tools Make us more Productive?

This is a very tough question. Think deeply about it. Digital tools have made real-time easier communication with the help of different platforms like e-mail, skype, video conferencing, Slack, QuickBooks, WhatsApp, etc., with anyone irrespective of their locations.

Even though many still argue that a lot of time is wasted when they use digital tools. Irrespective of locations and time zones, digital tools help people continue working. Even when they are not present at the workplace.

The technology’s impact on both communication and manufacturing work has exponentially improved the speed and production rate at which businesses develop. It also helps employees to become more productive and efficient than before.

For instance, we research keywords with tools to get relevant search data. So always tools have come in handy; the only challenge is to choose the right one that helps you with your specific task.

You require digital tools for managing teams, e-mail marketing, social media, search engine optimization, visual designing, and link building. Tools will automate certain parts of our tasks and make it easy to finish the work.


Benefits of Using Digital Tools at the Workplace:

We mention some top benefits of digital tools that will help you answer this question. Why are digital tools important to make us more productive.

Increased Flexibility:

With effective digital tools, workers enjoy better flexibility in both their all scheduled tasks and work environment. A digital tool like mobile internet software will help employees connect and work together without focusing on a strict schedule. This flexibility helps them gain a work-life balance more cohesively with a personal life.


Operational Costs Reduction:

You can decrease or eliminate in-person collaboration by interactive chat boards and virtual meetings, which saves overhead costs like furniture and office space and the cost of travel. If you select a digital tool like the SaaS platform, you will not require a large IT staff or team to manage time-consuming custom software or on-premise servers.

Cost Reduction

Improved Efficiency & Productivity:

In today’s age, it’s becoming progressively easier to work together to complete projects at their deadlines. Digital procedures permit workers to do their work in less time. In a survey, 75% of remote employees reported their higher productivity levels. It also frees up internal support teams and IT experts to properly concentrate on crucial tasks.

Cost Efficient Marketing


Enhanced Innovation & Communication:

A well-built digital place of work permits the free-flowing ideas exchange by inspiring two-way communication between higher-level and lower-level workers within your business. LumApps is a social intranet and helps to share ideas between employees by using communication tools to ensure that everybody should express their ideas and opinions.

Communicating with Clients

Supported Talent Retention & Recruitment:

Top applicants have come to believe in advanced and extremely progressive work environments. You will attract those skilled and innovative candidates by delivering a digital platform on those expectations. So, businesses with a digital workplace have talented employees who deliver the best results.


Improved Client Experience:

Workers or teams who have a stronger work-life balance will feel as if their opinions are still heard, and to perform their work efficiently, they are using the digital tools with less stress. As a result, they will become stronger advocates for your brand. When employees give better results, it will improve customer experience and, as a result, get more satisfied and happier customers as well.

mobile friendly customers

Increased Revenue:

When a business can decrease its other additional costs and simultaneously increase productivity,  that get an ultimately and the best results in increased revenue. In fact, according to digital workplace research, businesses have gotten a 45% increase in profits by applying a digital environment at the workplace. Hence, these can also increase the revenue of your business.

No Cost for Joining, it’s free.

In the final analysis, we say that digital tools play a positive and important role in improving the employees’ productivity and managing to greater revenue generation. But, if you use digital tools in excess, these might hinder productivity and workflow. So, an organization needs to analyze the digital tools before you get them and know how they can improve efficiency productivity for your business.

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