21 Jan 2022

Google Analytics vs. Google Search Console

Google is a fundamentally ever-present aspect of both web use and modern marketing and offers unparalleled analytical tools and search abilities for businesses to look to get ahead. Google has generated many different digital tools for marketers to succeed through their websites, containing Google Analytics & Google Search Console.

Both Google tools provide insight into your digital presence and the best possible results, but they are not working the same. If you ever tried to compare Google Analytics vs. Google Search Console data, we are sure that you have left discouraged that both datasets never match.

Let’s discuss and clarify the misconception about Google Analytics (GA) & Google Search Console (GSC) that both are not the same web analytics tools types. Thoroughly, they look to give a similar function’s range. But when we deeply know about both, we realize that their purpose and use are distinct.

What’re Google Analytics & Google Search Console?

Knowing both these tools’ differences is necessary to analyze your website performance. Both these tools will benefit you, but they perform different functions that you must need to be aware of. Firstly we know what GA & GSC are?

Google Analytics (GA) is made by tracking behavior in mind, giving insights to know how audiences interact with your app or website. Google Analytics gives the following information:

  • Number of visitors on your website
  • From where visitors are coming on your website
  • They spend how much time on your website
  • Visitors’ visit nature
  • Inform which social media platform to target
  • Ability to measure internal site search

Google Search Console (GSC) is created with Google Search in mind, providing website owners data about technical optimization, organic reach, and online visibility. Google Search Console help to optimize and improve your website and gives info like:

  • Show who is linking to your website
  • Technical errors report of your website
  • Intel to get keyword queries
  • View data of Google Search traffic for your site
  • Certify that Google finds & crawled your website.
  • Fix indexing problems & request re-indexing
  • Receive a notification when Google meets spam, indexing, or other site issues

Let’s discuss both tools’ functionality in more detail to understand the differences and importance of these tools and the know-how to use them properly.

Google Search Console

What Are The Main Differences Between Google Analytics & Google Search Console?

Google Analytics (GA):

Google Analytics is a free tool. It provides us with full statistics of website traffic. Moreover, this tool gives you a site’s demographic and audience state. When you need to know about your site visitors and the reason for their engagement, Google Analytics is the best option.

This tool also integrates with the variety of a product containing Google Ads & Ad-sense, in addition to other third-party results. If you select Google products, you can easily integrate the ad campaigns with this tool for tracking and reporting purposes.

Google Analytics allows users to find trends in search traffic associated with specific pages and services for automotive SEO purposes. This will help to adjust your strategies and modify the site page elements to improve user experience.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Tracking Metrics:

You can track more than 10,000 metrics with this tool, but a few metrics are very important; you must pay more attention than others. Google Analytics will keep your site’s running smoothly. Here are the most important metrics to track with this tool:

  • Bounce Rate
  • Acquisition
  • Landing Page Performance
  • Audience Demographics
  • Visitors Time Spent
  • Unique Pageviews
  • User Behavior

Google Search Console (GSC):

Google Search Console is a tool that provides info and helps you improve your site’s visibility in search results. You can easily know about your site’s impressions in the search engine by page or keyword. It also helps to monitor click-through rates (CTR) from SERPs to your website.

If you even want to get an XML sitemap or check crawl errors, it is the best tool. Having a verified account at Google Search Console lets Google inform you about your website technical problems like 404 (not found) errors.

Google Search Console Tracking Metrics:

This tool helps to get SEO info on your site directly from Google. This tool usage will improve your SEO and improve your SEO efforts for organic traffic. Here are the most important metrics to track with this tool:

  • Search Analytics
  • Internal Links
  • Links to your website
  • Mobile Usability
  • Top Keywords queries
  • Index Coverage Reporting

Both Tools Measure Different Clicks & Sessions:

As we explained above, Google Search Console and Google Analytics have measured methodologies differently. The data displayed incompletely change because of their differences.

Sometimes, a visitor can click twice a link, viewing the Search Console as twice a click. On the other side, Google Analytics will record this activity as one session. Or maybe a result of a user click that JavaScript failed to fire.


Whether you are individually managing your business’s digital presence or are working combining with a third party, both Google Search Console and GA are the best for you by providing actionable and valuable information. And the best thing about both tools is, they are free.

Additional Reasons for Data Differences:

  • Google Analytics reports itself on the redirected URL while Google search console reports on the official URL for redirecting landing pages.
  • If a page doesn’t have a Google Analytics code for tracking, then the data will not seem in Google Analytics, but it will appear in the Google search console.
  • Google search console has more than 1000 URL records per website per day, while Google Analytics doesn’t.
  • Google Analytics tracks data when JavaScript supports on a web browser, while Google search console saves data, regardless of JavaScript.
  • Google search console collects all data according to soothing daylight time, while Google analytics provides data with a specified time zone.
  • Google search console links to only one domain, but one GA tool can easily collect data for many different domains.

Start Tracking & Optimize your Website:

A simple summary: “a Google Analytics session is not a Google Search Console click, and a Google Search Console session is not a Google Analytics click.”

We have covered a lot of info to understand the difference between them. To sum up: we say that GA will help you recognize your site visitors, their engagement, and location. It is a great way to identify the results of your online efforts. As a result, you will do more best work and improve the user experience.

Google Webmaster

On the other side, Google Search Console will help you check your SEO rankings or performance and your website’s technical structure. Both tools give a complete insight to know what is working well and what should need more improvement. You can also better cater and update your website for the best SEO practice and content creation.

Both Google Search Console & Google Analytics is the most important tools for your site SEO. It is not GSC vs. GA; it is GSC + GA. It will make your website perform best. As a result, your business site will look like a secure, user-friendly, and reliable website and will be the best choice for the audience.

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