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Website Speed Optimization is extremely important for online business. Creative Sprout Media will use its expertise to improve the customer experience by improving website speed. Our Website Speed Optimization Services can help you to solve the slow site problems that lose the attention of your customer. Our team will spend more time recognizing your site’s speed and its results to find the issues that have an extreme effect on your site loading time..After identifying those high-effected factors, they will take the necessary steps to make the site performance better. Our team do efforts to help you to meet your business goals. We make sure with our website speed optimization service that your website will be loading fast into the future and make a better customer experience.

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Our Website Maintainance Services Includes;

Optimize Images

Proper images size plays an important role to make the best loading time and also helps to decrease the whole page size too. We reduce the image sizes without any reduced quality. This will reduce the burden of your website.

Plugins & Theme Analysis

The theme makes your site attractive. Your website's current plug-ins may have a good alternative so we analyze the website plugins and theme and offering the best solutions for your website.

Optimize HTML Code

If you recognize that your website functions are not working properly and the coding section is not improved with time. Our experts are optimizing HTML code to make your site performance better.

Optimize CSS & JS Files

Unnecessary CSS & JS files can slow the functioning and loading time of your website. Our team will minimize the file size and remove all unnecessary files. Fewer files / better speed / minus bugs.

Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is an advanced method to improve site loading time. We do this implementation over files like CSS, JS, and images to present the same high-quality content without slow loading times.

Hosting Server Analysis

Hosting server is the bottleneck for many sites. We analyze your website server to make sure that all issues from the hosting section will be solved by taking better decisions for your website.

Database Tuning

Database optimization is a thoughtful and authoritative step for improving your website speed. Our experts will directly remove unnecessary junk files or data from the database on your website.

Remove Unused Code

Unused code implementation makes your site speed slow. We will remove all unused code to save bytes and reduce bandwidth use. This will also decrease your website size and make its loading time fast.

Why Choose Creative Sprout Media?

Creative & Custom

We provide creative and custom solutions according to your desire and needs. This focus has allowed us to meet the high expectations set by professional agencies on both effectiveness and close collaboration.

Responsive On All Devices

Responsive frameworks like Foundation or Bootstrap make our sites responsive, even when you don’t provide a separate PSD for mobile views. We also check the sites on various physical devices before we send them to you for review so they will look great for all visitors.

SEO Optimized

We believe in Search Appearance and also take care of the search appearance of your brand or website. We will provide SEO Optimized Website.

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Content Control

Our experts spend time with you to understand your desired final product and what must be done to deliver it effectively.


Our design team takes into consideration the color scheme, visual elements, typography, and other design elements desired.


Every website we build is created with both aesthetics and SEO in mind. Not only will your website compel your audience, it will intrigue others, too.


User Experience is the most important factor of your website. we will provide you the user freindly website.


Our team will never compromise on the security of your website. We are providing secured solutions.


We are providing trustworthy Web Development Servicesaccording to your desire.

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