19 Apr 2021

BigCommerce vs WooCommerce – A Comparison

WooCommerce and BigCommerce are one of the top stores for online coordination. They are the potential to offer online services with the promise of success. Both are in exact competition.

Whether you’re launching your very first store as a venture or on the other hand you are as a current business owner looking to scale up, the store offers, like WooCommerce and BigCommerce, have all the essentials for setting up.

Complete Comparison Between BigCommerce vs WooCommerce

eCommerce Essentials for Every Online Store

eCommerce essentials

They are running a fully functioning online store so no need to worry as these two platforms works very genuinely.

Different offers

They are good but are quite different. You have to choose as per your choices. The choice depends on your technical expertise, specifications of budget, and goals.  Whether you’re selling a physical product, online digital goods, or services, the store needs to have some vital components.

Traditional or modern essentials

Like traditional businesses, one may need a way to showcase simple products, as well as procedures for the specific customers to select one or more, and pay for them. Here, they need to give customers a way to come in interact with the store.

It is special as the online store reflects a special brand, it needs to be highly customizable with durable options for adding more and more features as the business evolves. Otherwise, modern essentials may demand linking via multiple platforms.

Hosting plans

The web’s top store creators and builders are the actual hosting providers. They aim to include these connected core eCommerce functionality features. It is with more options available via additional support features as apps, subjects, and extensions.

Cost limitation

Beyond those essentials, leading platforms varies widely in terms of cost and budget. It is the ease of use, and scope of the platform.  WooCommerce has flexibility and virtually limitless options.  While BigCommerce is a hosted service. It is with an array of built-in features.



Woocommerce powers about half of all online stores universally, but it isn’t an impartial store builder in the world. It’s indeed a free and open-source plugin. It is designed to work on any self-hosted website. It is also powered by WordPress. Learning to use it is simple.

They offer admission to many eCommerce functions and features, that stores need to set up web hosting. It will be a provider of the user’s choice and it will install WordPress to build the site. This procedure is called “self-hosting,” as the site can be migrated at any time to any earner you may like.

They provide options for customizing the look of modern online stores and it’s compatible with just about all popular WordPress themes. Here, third-party developers around the world offer the same.

WooCommerce is free and open-source. The users can freely modify their source code. Many Agencies like Creative Sprout Media provides woocommerce development services. They may share it widely. Although the basic version includes all the essentials. It is for building a functioning online store. So, it may not include all the specs.



They host more than 100,000 business sites in the world, including acquainted brands like Kodak. It’s a fully hosted stage that offers an all-in-one solution. It is for the setting up of an online storefront. It is with all the essential tools built into the rudimentary version.

BigCommerce claims to offer more features and outlooks. It is popular than any other eCommerce platform. It is having these features, as they are all proprietary to BigCommerce.  So that users typically can’t mount functions and features from further sources.

BigCommerce includes several free and paid animation choices. A number of companies providing BigCommerce development services. So, they can be fully customized using its drag and drop in addition to the Store Builder tool. Here, the users prefer to work with development experience.

The basic BigCommerce site builder includes an array of cutting-edge tools such as special shopping cart recovery. It has integration with usually used social links. It has Commerce sites, such as eBay and Amazon.


As you read the comparison between BigCommerce vs WooCommerce, Both Big Commerce and WooCommece are working with high potential. They are offering promising services to motivate efficiency for the users. BigCommerce has less percentage of customers but still, they are offering a support plan to manage the tendencies for the users. WooCommerce is an ideal one. Its services are user-friendly this is why they have more users.

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