25 Mar 2021 /

How To Perform an SEO Competitor Analysis?

Competition is a part of every industry and it plays an essential for varied different things that include preventing complacency, encouraging creativity, and forcing you to get better in all the parts of your business that could vary from development to sales to the customer’s satisfaction.

Here in this writ, we are mentioning some best tips for you that can help you to get to know about your top competitors. This way you can also discover the way they are outranking you and get to know things you can do about it.

Identification of SEO Competitors:

Most probably, you already know about the prominent ones in the industry but you cannot name the main SEO rivals because they are not the same. But the fact is that maybe you have a lot of SEO competitors who are outside of your niche that you need to cope up with the SERPs. You need to understand that your SEO competitors are those who rank the keywords on the first page of the search engine regardless they are within your industry or not.

So identifying your competitors is a great way for SEO analysis as this way you can rank your keywords better. And finding out your competitors is also an easy thing, all you need to do is to enter your top keywords into Google and mention the domains of your major rivals.

Competitor Analysis

Evaluation of Keyword Difficulty:

Knowing the strength of your SEO rivals is quite important before getting into particular link-building tactics. The best way to do that is to use a competitor analysis tool to get into the total domain of competitor’s strength and the inspect things like domain authority, domain country, and age, catalog listings, indexing in search engines, backlink data, etc.

Note down all this info and try to find out the weak points that you can change to your benefit. Keep in mind that the higher the difficulty of a target competitor, the stronger their SEO will be and this makes them quite hard to outrank.

Keyword Difficulty

Get Into On-Page SEO:

Use a competitive analysis tool to analyze the on-site SEO of your competitors as it enables you to have a veritable goldmine of new info that is of great help for you. You will get info like how much often they are publishing content, the type of content they are publishing, and the keywords they are targeting. Note the metadata and headline strategies of your rivals.

Figure out whatever they are doing and try doing better than that for your business SEO.

On Page SEO

Get Into Competitors Backlink Profiles:

Another quite important part of a competitive analysis is to know the point where your competitors are getting backlinks from. Using that info can help you build high-quality links for your website.

To find out new link opportunities requires dissecting the opponent’s link profiles. Get help from a potential SEO tool.

Competitor Backlinks

Examine The UX and Structure of Site:

Now Google is hyper-focused on the improvement of user experience. Most of the major algorithm changes are based on the UX that includes better mobile usage, faster web pages, and improved search results.

Apart from this, if your site is slower in comparison to the competitors then you need to optimize your sitemap. To crawl it better, optimize page speed mostly for the high-value landing pages. And also make sure that all the elements of your site are made with user intent in mind.

UX Design Agency

Final Words:

These are some of the things you can do for performing SEO competitor analysis. After handling the analysis the only thing you need to focus on is to get consistent with it. If you will do any mishap or leave doing things. Then it will again ruin your site and you need to work on it again.

Also, continue to make small improvements as it will help you improve your position more.


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