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WordPress vs. Joomla – Which Is the Better CMS to Choose?

WordPress vs. Joomla

Choosing the Content Management System (CMS) is vital and has a huge impact on your website. There are plenty of CMS available for you to choose from. Each one of those has its own good and bad sides. However, only two CMS platforms stand out among all others, i.e., WordPress and Joomla.

Here is the WordPress vs. Joomla Comparison:

The main features of both systems are easy usage, customization features, and active communities. Regardless of the pros and cons of both of these CMS, they are still the best choice for building modern and with a lot of features sites. This makes it difficult for you to choose the best for you.

Still, you don’t need to worry because we got you covered. Here is a comparison between these content management systems to make it clear for you to choose the one for your site.

WordPress vs. Joomla

WordPress vs. Joomla: Which One is better?

The point of difference between these two CMS is from the beginning as Joomla started out as a content management system, particularly for service portal kind of websites. Whereas, in the beginning, WordPress was a platform focused on blogging purposes. However, now both of these systems are capable enough to run any kind of website you want.

Technically, these two CMS aren’t standalone software. In fact, they are only usable with a certain web server. And you need to get your web server from any third-party company.

While building a website, the first thing you need to consider is your comfort level with the web software configuration, dealing with technical things, server operation, and general other functions.

Actually, Joomla is more towards the need of developers who always wanted to work hard with servers. Besides this, WordPress is a great option for beginners as it is super easy, to begin with.

Here are some points clarifying this comparison more.

1. Search Engine Optimization:

While comparing the SEO features of these content management systems, Joomla gets the point. It is because it allows its users to set keywords and Meta descriptions for new articles.

WordPress vs. Joomla Customization SEO

It is because either platform does not have such SEO capabilities apparent. You only get to it when you consider using plugins or extensions on WordPress. WordPress has the most incredible and widely-known plugin Yoast SEO. It is quite potential and offers you plenty of features, and the best thing is that it allows anyone to avail grips with it in a few minutes.

Equivalent to Yoast for WordPress, Joomla has Easy Frontend SEO (EFSEO.) It allows you to do a lot of the same things as the Yoast plugin, like editing your meta descriptions directly on the site and including an easy to use automatic mode to generate the data without your efforts.

But still, it is clear that EFSEO is no match for Yoast regardless of being handy. Following this, Joomla indeed allows SEO without plugin or extension, but it’s not that simple. So people go for plugins, and WordPress makes it the easiest.

2. Security

When the point is about security, all the systems are strong until comes their weakest link. This makes it a bit tricky to choose the best means of security.

WordPress vs. Joomla Customization Security

As we all know, among both of these CMS, WordPress has the most popularity. WordPress equips quite a huge target on its back for the security issues. Each WordPress installation is unique because of plenty of plugins and themes for the content management system.

If it’s a great positive point, so here it is a negative too. There is no possibility of ensuring that each of the plugins applies appropriate safety standards and still has compatibility with new versions of the platform.

Also, WordPress does not equip some basic security features like SSL connection to the dashboard, 2FA, and others. Actually, most of its advanced security features depend on the plugins of the platform.

On either side, Joomla has all the security options and connections like SSL and 2FA. Also, it equips all its own security extensions.

So Joomla is better when the point is about security.

3. Customization:

Both of these CMSs equip their own plugins with their own customization options. When considering each of these CMSs apart, WordPress got the point because of its greater subjective. It has a wide variety of plugins with several customization features.

WordPress vs. Joomla Customization

On the other hand, Joomla does not have this many plugins or theme customization features. So the point of customization is for WordPress.

Final Words:

These are the most basic points about these CMSs. However, there are a lot of greater points making the comparison clear. Both have their own pros and cons, distinguishing from each other. If Joomla is better at one point, then WordPress is better at another. So you should know which point is your priority and go for that content management system.

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