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Google Ads Guide for Beginners

Most probably, Google ads are the best decision you will ever make for your business as it exposes you to several profitable ways. Each day people use Google to search more than 3.5 billion times. In this way, each search is an opportunity for you to get your business in front of the users. Simply, this means that boosting sales, conversions, and leads.

This is the point where Google ads are the point.

What are Google Ads?

Google Adwords is an online platform for Google that you need to pay. It was priory said to be as Google Adwords and in 2018 the company names it as Google Ads.

However, its work is still the same that is when a user searches a certain keyword then they get relevant results on the search engine results page that is SERP. Those results include a paid advertisement relevant and targeted to that keyword you searched.


Google Ads

How do Google Ads work?

Google Ads working is based on the PPC model that is Pay-Per-Click. This means that on Google marketers target a specific keyword and bid them alongside competing with others targeting the same keyword.

The maximum bids mean how much you are willing to pay.

Usually, marketers follow these three options for bidding;

  1. CPC: Cost-Per-Click is an option that makes you pay a specific amount when the user clicks on your place’s ad.
  2. CPM: Cost-Per-Mile means that the amount you will be paying per 1000 ad impressions.
  3. CPE: Cost-Per-Engagement means that the amount you pay whenever the user performs an option on your ad placed that could be signing up for the list, watching the video, etc.

After that, Google uses that bid amount and pair it with an ad assessment said to be a Quality Score.

It is a test that determines the quality of the ads, landing pages, keywords. Higher-quality ads will get the benefit of low prices and a better position on the page.

Ad Rank is created with the combination of your quality score and bid amount that is the position your ad will appear on.


Google Ads Works

What Are The Types of Google Ads?

Google is quite versatile in that it provides you with a variety of different campaign types for your ease:

Search Campaign:

The ads of the search ads campaign appear as text on the search engine page relevant to the keyword. For example, if you will search for the keyword “laptop” then you will see ads you are most familiar with. They are on the search result page with the symbol “Ad” right next to the URL.

Shopping Campaign:

A shopping campaign is a way you can promote your service and products visually. On the search result page, it appears in the form of images. As you type the keyword “Laptop” you will see a lot of laptop images with their prices mentioned on the shopping page of Google.

Moreover, if you have a physical product, the ads of Google Shopping are liable to get qualified leads by showing your things directly to the buyers.

Display Campaign:

The display network’s grip over Google’s website partners on a vast level for showcasing your ad on a variety of sites all over the internet. There are a great variety of ways ads appear on the internet. Ads begin appearing on third-party websites. Also, there could be video ads pop up before the playing of YouTube videos. Google also enables you to advertise on an email platform that is Gmail by mailing people about your product or service. And the last point where your ad appears is on third-party apps on the Google app network.

Ad Campaign

Video Campaign:

As its name suggests, these are the apps that appear in front of YouTube videos as pre-rolls. Yes, this is the same as the display network thing but in this specific part, Google offers you to choose video ads yourself instead of broader display.

This is a great deal if you have a particular idea for your video ad that you are willing to test out. Besides this, video campaign ads are available in several forms. There are some ads that you skip and some that you cannot.

Apart from the types of Google ads, there are also some certain tools you can use for boosting your ad quality. Google Ads is for sure a great deal for your business and it is a Search Engine that everyone around uses.

Final Words:

If you want to begin and run a Google ads campaign then keep in mind the above-mentioned things. And apart from it begin with optimizing your landing page that it is the first thing to appear as everyone comes to you. The headline is another important factor you need to work on.

Note down all the points and work on your Google ads campaign with enthusiasm as it requires you to be consistent. Or if you want PPC Management Services then you can contact us at any time.


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