04 Apr 2019 /

Is Your Business Ready For Its Own Apps?

The world is constantly changing and advancing. Man is never content on reaching a certain level, he wants to reach higher and higher still. Since the beginning of time, man has changed so much that the practices that were a norm for the man in the cave are completely alien and unrecognizable to the man of today. Of this constantly changing world, technology is maybe the most rapidly advancing discipline.

Changing Internet Trends

Since the invention of internet, the world has grown smaller and smaller, bringing people closer and closer. These days, internet has made the world a global village and there is never anything that is too far from you. Everything can be made accessible online. With the advancement of internet, the devices you access internet have also advanced. Growing smaller and smaller, we went from mainframes to bulky desktop computers to portable laptops to notebooks to smartphones. Now, everyone carries the entire world in their pocket everywhere. As we transitioned from desktop computers to smartphones, we had to inevitably shift from websites to mobile apps to still be relevant to the fast changing world.

How have applications impacted businesses?

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There have approximately been 197 billion app downloads in 2017 alone, opposed to 149 billion downloads in 2016. On an average, a user in the US has spent 2.3 hours on mobile apps daily. The age group that spends the most time on apps monthly in US in 2017 is 18-24 years of age, spending 93.5 hours per month on smartphone apps, and 27.6 hours per month on tablet apps. People use 9 apps on average every day, or 30 in each month.

With apps being used so extensively, they have impacted greatly to increase sales and generate revenues for businesses. They allow businesses to keep in touch with their customers while on the move. They are accessible to clients from anywhere in the world. They enable you to enhance your website traffic, making you more visible in the cut-throat and hostile environment of the corporate world. Apps help you build a lasting impression on your clients. They allow corporations to tap into new markets and get new clients. They bring a significant boost in a business’s profits. Mobile applications have made transactions easier, encouraging the customer to spend more. They are an unbeatable contestant in marketing tools.

So, should your business get a mobile application?

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We have already shone light on some of the advantages mobile applications create for businesses. But which businesses look to gain the most by being available as a mobile app? Is it worth it for your business to get one as well? Let’s consider.

Developing and maintaining an app can be expensive. You need to compare the hike in profits you expect by getting an app to cost it would take to develop one. However, small businesses especially have a lot to benefit from if they do decide to take this step. An app will let you market and advertise your products and services more effectively. This may save money you might be putting into other, more traditional marketing techniques. They will help you build a stronger bond with your clients. They will enable you to interact with your customers 24/7, and their feedback will help you grow. The feedback also helps you consider what your clients are looking for and adapt accordingly. This will lead to a generation of more business for you. You will find new customers and increase your sales and profits.

Having a mobile app for your business will make you appear more tech savvy which is always a great impression to have.

The initial cost it goes into developing a mobile app will give you double and quadruple your investments. If you are still unsure and skeptical about making yourself available as an app, I would advise you to reconsider.

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